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Cam Overacker, President

Cam believes in the power of honesty, loyalty, and being real in all aspects of life. Standing by his word in every situation, he cares deeply about his personal and professional relationships. He does what it takes to uphold his promises, and to deliver consistent quality 100% of the time.

Proudly building on the legacy instilled by his father Wayne Overacker, as President of Primco Cam leads by example and strives to make a difference.  He lives by the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Cam ensures this approach is reflected in how Primco does business, always staying true to themselves and their valued customers.

Cam is invested in creating a lasting bond with customers fused from trust and transparency. He distinguishes Primco as a pillar of reliability; every day dedicating the same effort to learn something new, find better ways, and help others. A man of big morals and a bigger heart, Cam will continue to stand for the company’s stellar customer service, every single day.


“Always there when needed and called upon, Primco stands for absolute customer satisfaction every time, with no exceptions.”


“I think the world needs more people willing to lead by example and set a good standard, leading by example has always been the way Primco does business.”

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