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You’ve found the perfect floor! Now finish it with matching vents and mouldings. Made from the same product as your floors these vents and mouldings will help your style seamless and make you the talk of the neighbourhood.

Stair Case (1)
Grainwood Vent (1)

Flush & Top Mount Vent

*Used in 4×10 & 3×10 Vents

Grainwood Stairnose (1)

Flush & Top Mount Stairnose

*Used to finish the end of a step

Grainwood T-mold (1)


*Used to transition between floors of equal height

Grainwood Reducer (1)


*Used to transition between floors of equal height

Moulding Coupon (1)
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  • Water
  • Nonionic Surfactant
  • Glucose deviated surfactant bio-degradable
  • Chelating Agent
  • Preservative
  • Fragrance
Primco Cleaner
Estates Cleaner Kit Pic (1)

Estates Cleaning Kit


  • Swivel Head Mop
  • Mop Cover 
  • 3pc Handle
  • 700ml Cleaner
Estates Cleaner Bottle Pic (1)

Estates Spray Cleaner


  • 700ml Cleaner